Causa Sui LP reissues
EL PARAISO | 09 January
Hey everyone! Just a quick blast of sunshine to get you well into the new year: Much sooner than expected we've got the reissues of Causa Sui's Return to Sky (green vinyl) as well as Vibraciones Doradas (red vinyl)! Get them at the shop! We were as blown back as anyone when the initial edition
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Mythic Sunship & Nicklas Sørensen pre-order!
EL PARAISO | 14 December
We have 2 new releases lined up, ready to preorder now! Travelling from the chopping fuzz of Mythic Sunship into the new age-y realm of Nicklas Sørensen. These two releases will compliment each other just perfectly! A time to boogie and a time to chill out.   MYTHIC SUNSHIP: UPHEAVAL The
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Causa Sui now shipping + new track
EL PARAISO | 06 November
Hola everyone!   First of all, thanks for the tons of support for the new Causa Sui album - every pre-order, play, like and share gets our buzz going!    And because it would be no fun to just sit on the albums, we've started shipping them early! This is the gnarly package
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Latest releases

Nicklas Sørensen: Solo 2
18,00 €
Mythic Sunship: Upheaval
18,00 €
Vibraciones Doradas T-shirt
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Freedom Fuzz t-shirt
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Causa Sui: Vibraciones Doradas
18,00 €
El Paraiso Trucker Cap
28,00 €
Causa Sui: Euporie Tide
22,00 €
Mythic Sunship T-shirt
15,00 €


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