Monarch LP + Causa Sui shirts

Hola Hombres!

We're thrilled to share this amazing gem with you - after the awesome reception of both Mythic Sunship & Landing, we add San Diego's Monarch to our fold!

Bid them welcome to their throne by preordering their album Two Isles at our shop - limited duo-coloured vinyl! It's gonna rock your summer for sure, broheims! MONDO summer vibes on this one!!! And even VOCALS too - so yeah... Dig it!



Hey guys!

Mythic Sunship was released yesterday, and now we have a new release that we're pretty stoked about:

Personal favorites of ours Landing has recorded an album especially for our Impetus series! Out june 17th - preorder now


Mythic Sunship

Hola hombres,

We're back with another mind-fryer: Copenhagen fuzzlords Mythic Sunship cranks out an LP that's pretty guaranteed to make a lot of you smile - preorder up now, limited to 500!


Causa Sui live + Jakob Skøtt

Hola everyone,

Today is the official release of Causa Sui's Return To Sky - we've finished shipping all orders (there were A LOT). THAAAAANKS for all the orders, guys! You rule!


Brian Ellis releases

There's a number of absolutely amazing heavy psych-, fusion- and prog-bands ripping it up in San Diego County these days. At the center of all this is Escondido native Brian Ellis (Astra, Psicomagia and others), a multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer and visionary.

Shiggajon Sela LP

We're back with the first of a few new names on the roster: Shiggajon. Sela is a full length LP of droned out commune vibes - read the full description below or just head over to snag the LP