El Paraiso Records started out in 2011 as a direct outlet for Causa Sui’s own material and related activities as well as projects that are related in spirit.

The label is run by Jonas Munk & Jakob Skøtt.

El Paraiso is all about eco-friendly high quality vinyl.

Have you followed the steps here? Remember to add the discount to a digital product (ie NOT an LP)

Please try re-downloading them if you’re experiencing damaged files – you have recieved a link to the files in your email.

Usually we ship within 1 week. Please allow for about a month delivery if you’re ordering from US and other overseas locations.

Don’t worry if your order says “pending” when you login or you don’t get a “your order has shipped…” email – we use less time managing the store and order status and more time making new music.

el paraiso shipping rates

We use the exact Danish postal shipping prices. Cardboard boxes and handling is practically free.

If you’re the the US, order from Forced Exposure – who also distributes us, or if you prefer, ask your local shop to order it from them!

El Paraiso Records is distributed by Cargo Records in the UK & EU
In US distribution is handled by Forced Exposure

Awesome – send a link where we can stream your stuff (Soundcloud or similar) to info@elparaisorecords.com – we listen to everything we get, so rest assured if we like it, we’ll get back to you! However be aware that El Paraiso is mainly a vessel for projects we’re directly involved with ourselves.

They are either 100% cotton or a polyester-cotton blend – ie super soft and super thin.

We only have shirts available if they’re listed on the store.