Mythic Sunship & Nicklas Sørensen pre-order!

We have 2 new releases lined up, ready to preorder now! Travelling from the chopping fuzz of Mythic Sunship into the new age-y realm of Nicklas Sørensen. These two releases will compliment each other just perfectly!

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Causa Sui: Vibraciones Doradas

Finally, brothers and sisters! We're taking preorders for the new Causa Sui album!

Limited to 1000 copies on mint-green vinyl. You'll get a download card for FLAC or MP3, and exclusively thru our shop we'll throw in a A4 artprint as well as sticker. Get it here!

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Astral TV & Videodrones

Hey everyone, We've got two new releases, that are seriously tapping into the source of synchronicity! In fact so much, that we thought we'd be crazy to let you guys get one without the other - so we set up a slasher combo deal where you get a 2 LP set for just 33 Euro! Check out info, sounds, etc here. Or keep reading.

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Videodrones preorder

Hi everyone!

We hope you're all doing great and soaking up the summer. After having some serious hangs at Stoned from the Underground and Lake on Fire (thanks to everyone who came out! We had a blast!), we're back at the office firing away at new stuff. 

First off, we've got VIDEODRONES! Paranormal vhs-synth workouts!? Yup, that's a thing - especially after everyone's been binge watching Stranger Things, its even a certified thing that you can talk to your colleagues about at lunch - so don't snooze on this heavy dosage of epic eerie videodrones!

Check out the video-teaser, spliced together from mirrored VHS-logos by Jakob Skøtt! A small treat in itself! Also there's some audio samples on Soundcloud. Or just buy the damn thing:

Videodrones: Mondo Ferox - LIMITED TO 300 LPS on Yellow-black vinyl!

Danish synth duo Videdrones have cooked up something that’s both instantly familiar, yet also tickles in a new way - the same way you feel nauseous after watching one too many videotapes at a friend’s house until 3am in the morning… 
Videodrones is all about simultaneously channelling of the vibes of maestros ranging from the epic choirs of Popol Vuh or Fabio Frizzi, thru the smooth gliding arpeggios of Tangerine Dream or Giorgio Moroder even into Goblin or Morricone at their most abstract. But there’s more to it than mere tribute.
Mondo Ferox is the kind of album where electronic instruments takes on a life of their own: Constantly in flux, changing direction and pace like that of the lives at the bottom of the sea. It’s like a constant overture. It’s sounds that you know, but turning themselves inside out - bleeding into each other, loosing themselves in the flow. Favoring emotion and impulse over logic and structure. Rather than repeating what’s already been seen and heard, Videodrones remelts the voices of cinema into something yet to be imagined. Close your eyes and let it cover you!

Videodrones: Mondo Ferox - LIMITED TO 300 LPS on Yellow-black vinyl!

Btw Interzone Tapes will be doing a... YUP... TAPE release of Videodrones at some point in the near future!

Also: We've reprinted the Causa Sui Return to Sky silver printed shirts

Best, Jonas & Jakob

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Hey guys!

Mythic Sunship was released yesterday, and now we have a new release that we're pretty stoked about:

Personal favorites of ours Landing has recorded an album especially for our Impetus series! Out june 17th - preorder now

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Mythic Sunship

Hola hombres,

We're back with another mind-fryer: Copenhagen fuzzlords Mythic Sunship cranks out an LP that's pretty guaranteed to make a lot of you smile - preorder up now, limited to 500!

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