Ouroboros reprint

Hey everyone!

Mythic Sunship's Ouroboros is back in print! Get it here on beautiful purple wax.


Causa Sui LP reissues

Hey everyone! Just a quick blast of sunshine to get you well into the new year:

Much sooner than expected we've got the reissues of Causa Sui's Return to Sky (green vinyl) as well as Vibraciones Doradas (red vinyl)! Get them at the shop!

We were as blown back as anyone when the initial edition of 1000 mint green LPs of the new albums sold out in just a few weeks. These new ones are 500 copies each.


Mythic Sunship & Nicklas Sørensen pre-order!

We have 2 new releases lined up, ready to preorder now! Travelling from the chopping fuzz of Mythic Sunship into the new age-y realm of Nicklas Sørensen. These two releases will compliment each other just perfectly!


Causa Sui now shipping + new track

Hola everyone!
First of all, thanks for the tons of support for the new Causa Sui album - every pre-order, play, like and share gets our buzz going! 
And because it would be no fun to just sit on the albums, we've started shipping them early! This is the gnarly package going out to all pre-orders this week. Pretty limited extra stuff indeeeed - about 200 of these rad packages going out - so if you havn't already, order it now:

Causa Sui: Vibraciones Doradas

Finally, brothers and sisters! We're taking preorders for the new Causa Sui album!

Limited to 1000 copies on mint-green vinyl. You'll get a download card for FLAC or MP3, and exclusively thru our shop we'll throw in a A4 artprint as well as sticker. Get it here!


Euporie Tide reprint / Videodrones delayed

Hola everyone! We hope you all sucked up plenty of vibes during the summer. To commemorate this gnarly season, we're reprinting our alter egos Causa Sui's revered album Euporie Tide on a sweet orange 2LP set.


Prices for the original blue edition has soared for a while, and the blacks have been out of print for too long as well. So snag one up - this edition is just 500 LPs!



Astral TV & Videodrones

Hey everyone, We've got two new releases, that are seriously tapping into the source of synchronicity! In fact so much, that we thought we'd be crazy to let you guys get one without the other - so we set up a slasher combo deal where you get a 2 LP set for just 33 Euro! Check out info, sounds, etc here. Or keep reading.


Causa Sui t-shirt & live

Hola everybody!


We're starting to get a lot of summer vibes here in Scandinavia, so we thought we'd celebrate in style by reprinting one of the most beloved Causa Sui t-shirt designs in recent years. Check out the design by Martin Rude here:



Rob Mazurek's Black Cube Marriage

Hey everyone! This one's very exciting for us: Ever since the first Chicago Underground Duo LP, we've been massive fans of Rob Mazurek - so we're happy to bring his latest project into the fold - get the LP here or read the long form below. Limited to 500 LPs. Remember that Mythic Sunship also has a new album coming out - it's raw and untamed yet earthy. Get it! Also there's still copies of the Causa Sui: Live in Copenhagen LP boxset - we've only made 1000 of these, so get it now if you havn't.

Mythic Sunship: Land Between Rivers

Hey everyone!

Mythic Sunship has a treat for you! Extra heavy smoked out sprawled out stuff! NOT to be missed! Out April 29th, but ready to order now at the shop:


Shipping early!

So we're shipping these early! The limited 10" is long gone, but the boxset itself is still available - just 1000 made. And it looks KILLER!
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