This is a special one for us! Over 10 years ago, we (Jakob & Jonas), went to the US on a small tour. We were lucky enough to play a show with Isotope 217 in Chicago, and somehow managed to get some of the guys to come record with us a few days later. That album had a very limited release in 2011 - the long wait between recording and release was actually what made us start El Paraiso - so in some ways this is epr000. We're thrilled to add this album to the fold. Jonas Munk gave it a remaster, Jakob did a brand new artwork and honestly we're stunned at how good this album is - we're really proud of it. Hope you enjoy it.


New shipping costs:

Sadly the danish post office has feng shui'ed their prices. So now, it no longer makes sense to buy just 1 LP from us, since that rate is gone. However we've sliced the price a bit for the heavier packages - 2,5 euro cheaper than before. So either stuff that cart OR order from a cool place like Norman Records.


Kanaan will play a bunch of shows. So will Mythic Sunship. Like this show here in Copenhagen where both bands will play. Mandatory for danes!


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