Hola hombres & chicas!

We hope you're all digging the summer so far! Plenty of new releases in the works for the fall, but in between then and now, we though we'd offer you one more piece of clothing, that is so rad you'd have a hard time getting through the summer without this gnarly rag! It's a Mythic Sunship t-shirt! Veeeery limited, and only for sale at our shop as well as the band's shows. Priced at a low 15 euro, it'll end up with overseas shipping at no more than 25 $, which is still a damn fine price if you ask us. And add that sweet Causa Sui shirt as well at no extra shipping cost - well, then you're paying less than you would some random brand at a store, aint ya?! Super soft poly-cotton blend with a regular fit and neck - both designed by our man Martin Rude - veeery limited - just a hand full of each size available:

Mythic Sunship T-Shirt

Causa Sui T-shirt

But wait! There's more! Just as these shirts are different brothers from another mother, we have one more set of cosmic alignment for you! In just 2 weeks, Videodrones & Astral TV will ship. At a stand alone price these are 20 euro each - however we're slashing the pricetag with a sweet combo deal at 33 euro! What?! Yeah, sure - it's nuts, but you deserve it!

Astral TV + Videodrones LP combo

Aaaaand as always we have loads of cool extras for every package...

Thanks for the support! And try not to get the bummer in the summer, brothers and sisters! Freedom Fuzz!

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