2 new releases: Jonas Munk & Brian Ellis cooked up a session along with some of the finest folks around in San Diego! Feat. Members of Causa Sui Psicomagia SACRI MONTI Monarch -band. 100% Barn burner! Art by Alan Forbes!

Also Jakob Skøtt & Martin Rude (of Sun River) cooked up a session which runs deep with both jazz & folk vibes - groovy stuff! Check out the releases, audioclips, etc, and place a pre-order now! Both shipping in early August!

Ellis/Munk Ensemble: San Diego Sessions

There's really no other place like San Diego. The weather's balmy all year, there's 70 miles of the finest coastline California has to offer, it has one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the US and - most importantly - it's currently THE epicenter for heavy psychedelic rock. Bands such as Earthless, Astra and Radio Moscow have paved the way for an astounding number of bands, creating a tight knit community of musicians. On this session Denmark's Jonas Munk (Causa Sui) joins forces with San Diego native Brian Ellis (who's not only a prime mover in the psychedelic scene, but has also been active in California's jazz and funk circuits for several years), and an assemblage of prime musicians from the area, including members of Astra, Psicomagia, Monarch, Radio Moscow and Sacri Monti.

The result is an intoxicating brew that's hard to put a label on. Fueled by the furious drumming of Paul Marrone, and led by Jonas Munk's fuzzy lead guitar and the multicolored keys of Brian Ellis, there's an unmoored, floating quality to the music the large ensemble was creating at these sessions. It's the kind of record you can put on and just let it wash over you. The closest references would be Miles Davis circa Bitches Brew, Hendrix at Woodstock, or perhaps Can at their most blazing and levitational. The music flows like an electric river of vintage keys, percussion and fuzz guitars. And it's glowing with life. Vinyl comes in gatefold sleeve with art by Alan Forbes and liner notes by Jonas Munk. For fans of Causa Sui, Earthless and Psicomagia this set is not to be missed!

Martin Rude & Jakob Skøtt Duo: The Discipline of Assent

Martin Rude (Sun River) & Jakob Skøtt (Causa Sui) team up for a genre-defying record that was recorded during an exceptional session on March 3rd 2020. Martin brought his Double Bass, Acoustic & Baritone guitar into the studio of Causa Sui, where Jakob's drums were already miked & prepped by soundwiz Jonas Munk, freshly tuned from the new Causa Sui recordings. The music they played ranges from sprawled out pre-fusion electric jazz to psychedelic folk ragas. After the sessions, the hours of free floating music was edited & dubbed by Jakob Skøtt into shorter cohesive segments, but maintaining the improvised vibe of these first takes. 

It is a record that pays homage to the great innovators of jazz: Miles & Trane (or perhaps more fittingly their peak-drummers: Tony Williams, Jack DeJohnette & Elvin Jones), as well as Mingus at his fiercest or Sun Ra at his most exotic. Not merely a tribute, the album doubles down with guitar pickings ala John Fahey & Sandy Bull, as well as sparse layers of oddly-tempered mallet percussion and synthesizers. But perhaps the closest reference isn't something of a certain place in time, but rather a free flowing ethos of stoic proportions: letting happen what it may, turning the accidents and mistakes along the way into something vital. 

Causa Sui live

These are the live dates for 2020 (lucky danes, huh?). Drop by if you can:

Aug. 7.-8th, 2020, Krach am Bach, Germany Canceled / Post-poned

Sep 5th, 2020, Esbjerg Fuzztival, Denmark 

Sep. 12th, 2020, Jaiyede Jazz Festival, Odense

Sep 18th, 2020, Loppen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Oct. 3rd, 2020, Høst Sabbath, Oslo, Norway

That's it for now! More releases later this year! Enjoy the summer!

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