Hola everyone! We hope you all sucked up plenty of vibes during the summer. To commemorate this gnarly season, we're reprinting our alter egos Causa Sui's revered album Euporie Tide on a sweet orange 2LP set.


Prices for the original blue edition has soared for a while, and the blacks have been out of print for too long as well. So snag one up - this edition is just 500 LPs!


In some not-so-good news, we've had some bad luck with the latest Videodrones album. Due to a misprint, we wont be able to ship these any time soon - we discovered the error over a month ago, and we thought the plant had done a complete rework weeks ago, but when they showed up on our doorstep, turns out they sent the same records over again?! Uh, what? Yeah - So pretty confused and bummed. We hope to get it sorted soon, and ship out all the preorders (including the combo edition with Astral TV). Thanks for your understanding.


For some brighter news, Causa Sui has been stewing some new recordings - and there'll be a proper update soon enough! Can't wait to share more.


Causa Sui livedates:


Krach am Bach, Beelen, Germany, Aug 4.-5.th 2017

Woolstock, Tilburg, Netherlands, Aug 25th 2017

Ujazz, Århus, Denmark, Sep. 2nd 2017

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