Hola everybody! Just a quick thank-you for all the support in 2018! Everything we've released this year is currently sold out at the distro, making this our best year EVER! As soon as the cash returns, we'll be cranking out serious amounts of reissues. Not just of our own releases, but also of long out of print stuff. So thanks everyone for ordering Free Ride, making us believe in making these early stepping stones avalable again. We're working on all the early Causa Sui albums, as well as some side projects. But more details on that soon.

Meanwhile we put up some Spotify playlists - ideal for how ever you're celebrating New Years eve. A time to rock out and a time to kick back and relax - both sides being equally important in the realm of life as well as El Paraiso:

FREEDOM FUZZ PARTY - The raw, fuzzy side of El Paraiso Records. When you need to kick out the jams and party!


ZONE OUT & CHILL - The relaxing side of El Paraiso Records - when you wanna just kick back and chill.


...and don't forget to follow the brand new profiles of @causasuis and @kanaanband on Instagram! Muchas Gracias!

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