Okay, we've got just the thing to send you off blazing into the summer.


Golden Void (Thrill Jockey) drummer Justin Pinkerton unleashes his first ever solo album under the name Futuropaco - jaw dropping stuff - listen and pre-order here. On a 3 colour striped 1st edition limited to 500 copies! Out aug. 3rd.

Futuropaco’s debut album is the shape of things to come: it’s a wet, enigmatic cocktail of part 1970’s Italian library music, part krautalicious beat-galore and part riff-driven heavy psych.

Justin Pinkerton, from Oakland, California, is the one-man army behind the opaque merge of seemingly different forces: from mad fuzz guitar breakdowns à la Morricone at his most intense, to the syncopated drum learnings of Can’s Jaki Liebezeit, Justin weaves a blanket of sound that’s simply loaded with deep vibes: From heavily modulate Moog synths, gentle glockenspiel through amplified echo-perplexion. You almost forget that Justin’s main instrument is actually the drums - if it wasn’t for the superb loaded-yet-understated grooves tying everything together in an intricate tangle.

With a background as drummer & composer in famed psych-rockers Golden Void (Thrill Jockey), Justin also works as a full time film composer for library and commercial music. Futuropaco is the meeting between his two passions: It’s a vivid sonic dream where abstraction melts with the strict, focused approach of cinematic cues. It almost makes you forget the murky future of America these days, which was the catalyst for this album and it’s title. Imminent dystopia never felt this grounded, bright and uplifting. Freedom Fuzz!

Causa Sui live dates & 10"

Causa Sui are playing both Portugal and Germany in august and september! 

AUG.10-11, Sonic Blast Moldeo 2018, Moldeo Portugal

SEP.7 Magnificent Music Festival 2018 | Jena

SEP.8 Magnificent Music Festival 2018 | Berlin

Also, we've stumbled upon an extra box of the rare 10" that was sold out almost immediately when we included it with the first 300 copies of Live in Copenhagen. These do not have the original hand printed artwork, but the music is just as good - originally sold out in just 24 hours. Get that odd format of oozing freeform freakout sludge here.

Also the webshop is currently loaded with reissues and restock! Plus we're adding lots of cool extras (STICKERS!) to every order. Enjoy the summer!

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