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Kanaan: Double Sun (CD & LP limited to 500)

Kanaan from Oslo, Norway is back with their 2nd album in 2020. Following the impromptu Odense Sessions with Causa Sui guitarist Jonas Munk released in February, Double Sun is a different beast all together: Treading the same path as their 2018 debut Windborne, Double Sun is a studio effort in the best sense of the word. Perfectly balanced on the edge of dynamic improv, throbbing beats sizzled in scorching fuzz and topped off with deeply layered soundscapes. This album sees Kanaan reach a new plateau.

Kanaan presents a unique perspective to psychedelic rock, painting with a wide palette that includes jazz and post-rock. Double Sun devotes as much energy to sonic colour as it does to groove and energy. The spirit of experimentation is everywhere: From the savory, pastoral sounds of opening track Worlds Together, to the soaring exploratory paths of the two-part title track. In the creative process, Kanaan dived deep into the possibilities of the studio, adding intricate layers and twists and turns to these tunes: acoustic guitars, percussions & synthesizers embrace and enhance the Norwegian modern day version of a power-trio. 

El Paraiso logo T-shirt

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El Paraiso logo Cap (Embroidered Yupoong Snapback Cap) 

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Mythic Sunship: Another Shape of Psychedelic Music (Orange LP)

Much needed reissue of this gem - Limited to 500 Orange LPs.

Causa Sui: Vibraciones Doradas CD

Okay that's it for now. Gigs & tours by Kanaan, Monarch & Causa Sui in the months to come are canceled / on hold so far, but everyone will be back later this year when everything returns to normal. Stay safe and listen to some music indoors in the weeks to come. ✌️

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