Hola everyone - we’ve been busy throughout the summer and have no less than 2 new releases that we simply need to drop before the year ends! Jakob Skøtt & Kanaan. Both releases limited to 300 LPs, so if you’be been following the burn-down rate of the stock lately you know you need to hurry up and grab a copy at the shop!


“Windborne” is the debut album from young Norwegian power-trio Kanaan. With components from jazz, fusion and post-rock they have created six extended pieces of blazing freeform psychedelia.

While the band is rooted in the same spirit that gave birth to Mahavishnu Orchestra and The Eleventh House in the 1970s, there's a distinctive modern flavour to Kanaan's sonic endeavors. Their Scandinavian genealogy is apparent as well - their intricate song structures seems to be branching off the same stem as Motorpsycho, Papir and Jaga Jazzist. And no doubt the young band has the chops to carry on the pedigree!

Opening track ”A. Hausenbecken” feels like a sudden blast of refreshing nordic air, with it's rolling guitar leads and growling Fender Rhodes. But Kanaan aren't afraid to get deep and heavy – the B-side dives into straight-up Sabbath territory, with ”Act Upon The Mundane World” and ”The Groke”, before ending the album with the abstract, free-flowing title track ”Windborne”. From the first note to the last the band keeps high levels of energy and creativity, and although freeform, they never sacrifice focus or direction.

Out december 7th, pre-order up now, limited to 300 LPs.


Causa Sui drummer & El Paraiso visual designer Jakob Skøtt unleashes his most personal vision to date. His one-man-band formula of synths, drums and effects serve him as well as ever. From the avant-electro grooves of Amor Fati (2014) to his ambitious pre-fusion cosmic jazz sessions of All the Colours of the Dust (2016), this latest set is Skøtt at his most ripe: The grooves are deeper, more stripped down to its essentials, yet maintaining the vibrant seamless mix of airy timing, drowning drones & sludgy synth riffs.

The album was recorded a few months after Jakob experienced a brief, yet painful spontaneous leak of brain fluid. Instrumentality draws on that corpal experience in it’s titles and artwork, as well as works it’s musical muse. It’s music that constantly dives inwards - ever repetitive, yet constantly moving. From micro movements in Skøtt’s poly-rhythms, to the 5 song cycles diving to the depths of the splintered nerves reconnecting with their natural flow. Sometimes lost but never without a sense of purpose. Welcome aboard.

Out november 30thth, pre-order up now, limited to 300 LPs.


Finally back in print on CD and vinyl after being sold out for more than a decade! 

The original single-LP version, released in 2007 on Elektrohasch, has been selling for ridiculous prices on Discogs and eBay. Even the CDs are much sought after collectors items almost impossible to find - until now. For the first time out on glorious double vinyl with a 20 minute bonus track recorded live at the Roadburn Festival in 2007. Remastered by Jonas Munk.

Imagine a tidal wave sweeping up from the 1960s through the 1970s; then cresting in the 1990s before finally crashing on a present shore – that's what Causa Sui's ”Free Ride” sounds like. This is the 'heavy psych' LP of the Causa Sui catalogue – one out of only two albums they recorded with a lead singer, this is most direct-sounding collection of tracks the band has done to date. You'll find the sonic experimentation and curious song structures that also defines later Causa Sui records (just listen to those echo-treated flutes in ”Passing Breeze”), but what really ties this record together is an unashamed appreciation of the Grande Rock of the previous four decades. One can literally feel how the young lads has been absorbing endless amounts of Blue Cheer, Zeppelin, Mudhoney, Sabbath and Kyuss before cooking up these seven tracks.

There's no shortage of killer riffs and Bonham-esque grooves. The culmination is the epic breathtaking acid-rock finale that takes up the ENTIRE second platter: the 15-minute ”Newborn Road” and the 20-minute extended live version of the band's signature track ”El Paraiso” - captured in front of a mesmerized crowd at Roadburn on the very day Free Ride was released. It's impossible not feel swept away by the Hendrixian glory of these two cuts, as they fly from tranquil noodlings to the most thunderous peaks. This is the kind of album where you drop the needle and ride it all the way to the end, as if overwhelmed by an awesome natural force.

Now shipping! 2xLP limited to 1000 copies. Order here!


Also repressed if Mythic Sunship’s latest album - the first edition sold out fast, but we’re back in blue with a nice new edition. Shipping late november - orders up now.

Also the lads are playing Portugal next month:

→ 08 / Nov • Porto • Woodstock 69 Rock bar
→ 09 / Nov • Almada • Sunburst Stoner Fest 2018
→ 10 / Nov • Viseu • Fora De Rebanho-Associação Cultural
→ 11 / Nov • Guimarães • Oub'lá

Lots more reissues and rediscovered albums next year. Until then have a great new year and take care!


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