Hey everyone.
Our next release is Landing: Bells in New Towns.
As you've probably gathered by now, most of our releases are part of the Impetus-series: Our celebration of the vibrant nature of music. Impetus is all about chance collaborations, killer improv and vivid live recordings as well as a more structured approach towards the exploration of sound. However once in a while we come across a work so fully completed and fully realized that it requires a place of it's own in the catalogue. 
Connecticut group Landing celebrates their 20th anniversary this year, but showing no signs of losing creative momentum. On the contrary, Bells in New Towns, their second album for El Paraiso Records, is arguably their finest, most cohesive effort to date. The group's sound has always been multi-textured, alluding to many different genres at once. There's the heavy oscillating drones and the fuzzy, motoric psychedelia, the lush ambient soundscapes and shimmering, dreamy vibes - all tied together by that characteristic sense of fluid progression.
Bells in New Towns could be described as their most grounded, earthy sounding release so far. On this record the ethereal components of their sound are firmly anchored by a tight, steady low-end – certainly due to the fact that the album was partly recorded by seasoned New England rock producer Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr., Elder, Pixies, Sonic Youth).
Much like their spiritual kins in Yo La Tengo and Bardo Pond, Landing have eclectically picked their influences from a wide range of musical eras and cultures. The result is an electric music that speaks to the mind as well as the senses. 
File next to: Harmonia, Black Mountain, Slowdive, Bardo Pond
We're working on some reprints for this summer: Psicomagia, Jonas Munk and probably some Causa Sui. However one item we'll probably never be able to bring back once it's gone is the Causa Sui: Live in Copenhagen boxset. This was released exactly one year ago, and we just got the last 20-something boxsets from the distro. A lot of love, labor and cash went into bringing this thing into the world, and the level of support has been amazing - so thanks a lot if you picked it up already and put our financial worries to shame. 
Visit the El Paraiso shop! All orders comes with lots of boxcandy: Stickers, post cards, etc.
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