New releases

It's been a pretty quiet year for us so far, but that's all about to change. First of all, in January the postal prices here were revamped in a bad way, which meant that 1-6 LPs cost the same thing to send out. Needless to say, this was a blow for both us and our trusted fans who wanted to buy albums directly. So besides the Summer Sessions boxset we havn't released any new music, because we wanted to try to bundle new releases. As an experiment we're releasing 4 new LPs in august. We'll be dropping these titles one by one to give them some space, but all pre-orders will do up at the same time some time next month. So strap yourself in and check out these cool titles coming up, and please be patient with the preorders - they will be ready soon. 
As always these are limited, but will be available thru many stores, such as Norman Records in the UK and Forced Exposure in the US.

Monarch: Beyond the Blue Sky

The first of the 4 is this beast. Preorder will be up in a while, but check out the first track already now

In recent years Southern California has proved to be fertile ground for heavy psych, prog and free rock. The amount of excellent bands growing out of the San Diego soil is simply unparalleled. Among the youngest generation of these bands are the five-piece Monarch, a band rooted in psychedelia and experimental prog, with a view towards broader horizons.

There's something refreshing about Monarch's take on psychedelic rock: they aren't afraid to weave allman brothers-esque dual guitar lines with synthesizers and saxophone. They can be heavy, but there's an unmistakable panoramic quality to their compositions too, reflecting the rich and diverse environment they've grown up in, with dazzling pacific coastlines, mountains and desert highways. 

Compared to their debut album, ”Two Isles” from 2016, Beyond The Blue Sky is a more complex record. The three year journey has led the band through several separate recording sessions and ended up going all-analog at Audio Design studios. It’s an album that’s meticulously crafted and with sights set on new musical territory. Their songwriting has matured and each track feels like a mini-epic, travelling unexpected routes before reaching their sonic destination. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the album's centerpiece, the three-part Beyond The Blue Sky/Phenomena/Counterpart, where Monarch manages to fuse all their influences into one mammoth composition. It's an album to drive off into a careless summer sunset and beyond .

Kanaan tour

Kanaan is on tour these days! Catch them if you can. They also have a cool video out of them performing their brutal Moomin troll mini epic The Groke live at Øra.

18.06 Kanaan (NOR/ El Paraiso Rec.) + Support: Комвуиат яовотяои, Hafenklang, Hamburg, DE 
19.06 Kanaan + Glasgow Coma Scale live at Café Trauma, Marburg, DE
20.06 Les 3 Auvergnats, Beaumont, BE
21.06 The Message, Troyes, FR
22.06 Raymond bar, Clermont Ferrand, FR
23.06 Kanaan • La Ruche | Psych, Dijon, FR
24.06 Kanaan, rock pysché Vevey, CH
25.06 Kanaan | Rock, Psych, Fusion, Passau, DE
26.06 Klub Močvara, Zagreb, HR
27.06 Magnolia Stone III al Circolo Magnolia, Milano, IT
28.06 Kanaan // Pizzini // Bamberg, Bamberg, DE
29.06 HEADZ UP Summer Haze 2019 • Tief • Berlin

Alright, that's it for now. Stay tuned for 3 ore releases in the weeks to come...

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