Okay, we've been really excited to finally share this gem with you, so pardon the news-flash nature of this newsletter:
It's here! The first track from the new Causa Sui album Return To Sky is out - check out the video for THE SOURCE
Also, we're having a small contest to get rid of the shirts we've been selling exclusively at gigs - at CAUSA SUI FACEBOOK
And finally, to make this email not-so-much spam: YES, there WILL be a limited edition just-for-sale-at-El Paraiso-thingee for Return To Sky - so you wanna switch on the notifications on El Facebooko, get these mails out of your spam-folder, etc - 'cause usually the special preorders last less than 24 hours. Snoozers = Loosers. Preorders will probably be up in a few weeks - official street date is March 18th!
Rock on!
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