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Today The Obelisk premieres the video for a new Monarch track, from their upcoming album Beyond The Blue Sky. Crank it up and bathe thy brain in the free-flowing psychedelic summer vibes!
The album is now available for preorder from the El Paraiso shop and they might just start shipping very soon. Three other new releases also up for preorder now:
Videodrones: "Atavistic Future" LP (300 copies)
Jonas Munk & Nicklas Sørensen: "Always Already Here" LP (500 copies)
Causa Sui: "Return To Sky" LP on red vinyl (500 copies)

Shipping is the same for 1-6 LPs, and we just updated our webshop with loads of stuff that's been unavailable for a while - so fill that cart.

Jonas Munk & Nicklas Sørensen: "Always Already Here" LP (500 copies)

Jonas Munk and Nicklas Sørensen team up for a genre-defying record that explores American minimalism, psychedelia, and electronic music – both vintage and contemporary. On a foundation of interlocking guitar and synthesizer patterns, the duo constructs lengthy pieces that are experimental yet welcoming in nature, precisely executed yet with room for soaring improvisation. Always Already Here pays homage to the masters of classical minimalism (Steve Reich, Terry Riley) and the pioneers of electronic music and kosmische (Brian Eno, Manuel Göttsching), still it doesn't sound derivative or retrospective. The type of hypnotic bliss Munk and Sørensen strive for is distinctly timeless.

Monarch: "Beyond the Blue Sky" LP (500 copies)

In recent years Southern California has proved to be fertile ground for heavy psych, prog and free rock. The amount of excellent bands growing out of the San Diego soil is simply unparalleled. Among the youngest generation of these bands are the five-piece Monarch, a band rooted in psychedelia and experimental prog, with a view towards broader horizons.

There's something refreshing about Monarch's take on psychedelic rock: they aren't afraid to weave allman brothers-esque dual guitar lines with synthesizers and saxophone. They can be heavy, but there's an unmistakable panoramic quality to their compositions too, reflecting the rich and diverse environment they've grown up in, with dazzling pacific coastlines, mountains and desert highways. 

Compared to their debut album, ”Two Isles” from 2016, Beyond The Blue Sky is a more complex record. The three year journey has led the band through several separate recording sessions and ended up going all-analog at Audio Design studios. It’s an album that’s meticulously crafted and with sights set on new musical territory. Their songwriting has matured and each track feels like a mini-epic, travelling unexpected routes before reaching their sonic destination. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the album's centerpiece, the three-part Beyond The Blue Sky/Phenomena/Counterpart, where Monarch manages to fuse all their influences into one mammoth composition. It's an album to drive off into a careless summer sunset and beyond .

Videodrones: "Atavistic Future" LP (300 copies)

Silver foil LP

On their 3rd album, the danish duo explores their kosmische take on synthwave further. Videodrones’s first two albums tapped into short arabesque-like pieces, playing out like cues in a film. Atavistic Future sees them broadening out, with the two main tracks on the album clocking in at 8 and almost 12 minutes respectively. And it’s not only in the track lengths that Videodrones are reaching beyond: There is a wider range of influences and nods - from the Phillip Glass Koyaanisqatsi-repetitions of Church to the Suzanne Ciani Buchla-bursts of on the title track. It’s the seamlessly weaved together influences, that makes Atavistic Future tick. 

The album is based around improvisation and repetition, allowing ideas to drift and emerge - catching fire at random. As always, most of the material were captured during a single prolonged day & night of jamming at Jonas Munk’s studio, digging into his expansive collection of synthesizers. The pieces were then folded and re-assembed by Jakob Skøtt - maintaining the improvised spirit, where synths and float out of tune and clock, yet intricately detailed and ever changing - bringing forth the best of both studio-production and jagged improvisation.

As the title reminds us, we’re always forgetting the most favorable traits of yesteryear - in search of what’s ala mode, we’re missing what the future must have felt like in the past. Videodrones is a silver-clad reminder of what can come out of having keen eyes and ears in the past as well as the future - leaving behind something vital for the present.


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