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“Psicomagia in easily one of the best progressive rock albums to come out in years, if not decades and we are really astonished at how much better the album gets with every new listen. Progressive rock music has always remained vibrant in rock culture and Psicomagia has really taken the sub genre to new heights with their debut album. Highly recommend purchase on vinyl for those who are looking to experience this in its fullest audio spectrum. review

“File this bad boy next to your Khan, Egg, Magma and Ange and just beneath your jazzy German prog à la Hanuman and Embryo. I can’t stress enough how talented I think these guys are. Nobody’s even close to what they’re doing in the prog world nowadays; to pull off a near 30-minute piece of such technical brilliance is no small feat. They’re just on another plane altogether and they’ve really shown that on this release.”

It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine

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