Causa Sui: Pewt'r Sessions 1-2

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BACK IN PRINT! In heavy recycled sleeve!

Pewt'r sessions 1-2 collects two limited vinyl-only Causa Sui albums originally released in 2011. The two albums, released in April and August respectively, both features American musician Ron Schneiderman and both sold out immediately after release. Praise:One of the best modern psych records I've heard in recent times. I hope you have a lot of incense and strong greenery at home because you'll bloody need it to cope with this monster platter... (Norman Records)Pewt'r Sessions weaves together an infinite amount of musical threads, from krautrock to stonerrock to free-jazz, that the music through its dynamic repetitions continously creates new patterns...Causa Sui is hyper-music. (Undertoner)What we're left with is a little band called Causa Sui and their best record to date. Dabbed into the stoner and desert rock species, Causa Sui is somewhat of a different beast than their hash-wielding contemporaries. While their music almost perfectly concedes with those two classifications, their overall aesthetic exemplifies more jam and improvisational rock tones, with a very subtle touch of prog. The band's encouraging influences of 70s psychedelia, progressive atmospheres, and modern hallucinogens manage to melt together into heat-driven, free-flowing expressions; each with something different to say. (Sputnik Music)Fuck me, this is the absolute ult in amphetamine power drives, an album of sheer exhilarating post-Krautrock, post-psychedelic, hell, brothers’n’sisters, post-everything. Imagine Ash Ra Tempel’s ‘Flowers Must Die’ or perhaps seite 4 of Amon Duul 2’s YETI and yooz somewhat approaching these guys’ pleasure zones. But even those hefty comparisons is doing these gentlemen dudes a disservice because this music really don’t sound like nothing else I’ve be-hear-oled in many a long year....Wonderful stuff and absolutely free fucking rock! (Julian Cope)...crazed fuzz-guitar glory akin to Guru Guru and Amon Düül II, but with a noticeably modern heavy feel. It's pretty stellar stuff that earns the audience applause at its conclusion....There was something in the air when Pewt'r jjjjj hit the stage, and whether it was 'mere