Causa Sui consists of Jakob Skøtt, Jonas Munk, Rasmus Rasmussen and Jess Kahr, and have released eight albums since 2005. The trilogy set Summer Sessions that saw the band move away from the heavy-psych of their two first albums to more abstract, instrumental sounds that owes as much to electric Miles Davis or Can as to american stoner-rock.

Causa Sui's sound has been described as the sound of a giant wave rolling up through the last four decades of rock. The band is currently working on a new studio album, Return to Sky, which will be released March 18th 2016.

Upcoming live dates

Stoned from the Underground, July 14-16, Germany 2016

Lake on Fire, August 07-08, Austria 2016

Psych Fest Århus, Sep. 30th & Oct. 1st, Denmark 2016 

Smoke The Fuzz Fest, Oct. 22nd, Athens, Greece 2016 

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