Jakob Skøtt: All The Colours Of The Dust

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Causa Sui drummer is back with a third installment in his “drums versus synthesizers” explorations! 

Fully indulging in this strange form of vis-a-vis layered solo-jams, these tracks are alive in a very real sense – there’s an organic vibe present in which monophonic-synthesizers & polyphonic-rhythms merge in a way you’ve never heard before: Any reference to other music & genres gets warped and turned on it’s head, quicker than you can catch onto it – everything is weaved together in a fuzzed-out massive blanket of sound.

Yet despite the roar and volume, there’s a repetitive and meditative quality to these tracks – not unlike that of free jazz, or, say, the hypnotic beat-driven music Miles created when he got into Stockhausen in the 1970s. 

There’s even an earthy vibe ringing thru the heavily modulated synths – at times sounding more like soaring guitars or saxophones – or perhaps some un-earthly rhythm-device that amalgamates rhythm and melody into one substance. This LP is a result of a multi-coloured vision that has soaked up a wide range of styles and merged them into something fresh and radiant – and frankly: quite groovy. 


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