Justin Pinkerton: Aak’Ab

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California native Justin Pinkerton, a.k.a. Golden Void drummer and the man behind El Paraiso’s own Futuropaco project, delivers a full-length album of playful synthesizer music. In contrast to a lot of the other projects Justin has been involved in over the years, Aak’Ab radiates slowness and tranquility. There’s a rare sense of calm in these pieces. It would, however, be a mistake to categorize it as ambient or new age – the intricate pattern-work and the raga-like structure of these pieces avoid the usual new age pitfalls, and reveals stronger musical ties to the tradition of American classical minimalism and the electronic side of German kosmische from the 1970s.

Stylistically Aak’Ab harkens back to ideas that first materialized in Terry Riley’s compositions in the 1960’s and early 1970’s. It’s about patterns that gradually evolve and transform themselves – much like an organic process unfolding before your ears. The seven pieces ebb and flow, and slowly creates a sense of peace and buoyancy in the listener. However, Justin avoids any kind of unnecessary sonic sweetening, instead letting the synthesizers buzz and hum in all their purity.

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