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London Odense Ensemble: Jaiyede Sessions Vol. 2
The eagerly awaited follow up of the merger of the vibrant London Jazz scene with the established danish psychedelic underground! Fry your mind on the latest single: the raw & fuzzy Casper’s Green.

Limited to 750 copies on black vinyl – also available on CD. Preorder now: ships January 2023.

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Here are some tasty El Paraiso t-shirts! 2 colours, men’s & girlies!
Also we have some caught after classics back in print:
Papir: III (500 copies on green vinyl). 10 year anniversary remaster.
Causa Sui: Summer Sessions vol. 1 (300 copies on purple vinyl)
Causa Sui: Euporie Tide (300 copies on purple vinyl)
And finally remember that we’re presenting Causa Sui and Mythic Sunship at Loppen and there are now FEW TICKETS LEFT!
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Videodrones, Causa Sui, Futuropaco

Hey everyone! We’re back with a new webshop and new albums! Check them out here and thanks for sticking with us! All limited to 500 LP copies with Obi-strip. Shipping April 29th. Pre-orders up now.

Videodrones: After the Fall

After 3 albums based purely on synthesizers, the danish duo take a leap by adding live drums & guitars to their latest album. A natural step, considering that Jakob Skøtt, one half of the duo, spends his time drumming in Causa Sui, as well as a slew of jazz-infused projects on El Paraiso.

All basic tracks were recorded in an improv session at Jonas Munk’s studio in Odense, capturing both synths and drums live. The expansion of drums adds a natural 70’s groove, maintaining a spontaneous vibe that also soaks into the analogue synths of modular wizard Kristoffer Ovesen. The improvised sessions were later honed, edited & layered, bringing forth the best of both spontaneous ideas, as well a multi-dimensional approach bringing a new depth to Videodrones extensive cinematic undercurrent of sounds. With the addition of echo & reverb drenched guitars, the duo is tapping into sounds in new realms yet strangely familiar.

After The Fall may conceptually nod it’s head towards a gloomy state of affairs, but akin to the italian post-apocalyptic movies of the 80’s, doomsday never felt this heady and funky before.


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Back in print: Causa Sui: Free Ride 2xLP

Back in Print: Futuropaco LP

All LPs limited to 500 copies. With Obi-strip.